Tora Kokoro Shotokan Karate (TKSKarate)

Family Classes in North and South Manchester

TKSKarate prides itself on being a family orientated club, and is able to harvest a wealth of knowledge and experience from its seasoned and dedicated instructors, which is then passed down to its students in the style of Shotokan Karate and the best elements of Krav Maga.

We are a club member of the Horan Karate Association; which Sensei Durant is the Honbu (Chairman), and an Associate Member of the English Karate Federation (EKF), which is recognised as the National Governing Body by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

TKS Karate ClubWe believe that karate and all other martial arts should be made available and affordable to all age groups from the ages of 5 years – 65+ and therefore everyone is able to join and learn; regardless of gender, religion or physical ability. It also offers the ability for students to gain discipline, self-confidence and self-awareness, which creates a better person with far greater prospects in life. It has been proven that people who train in the martial arts are more determined and more successful in achieving the goals that they set themselves, in the home, work and in the everyday challenges that life brings.

We have very high expectations in the students we teach, and set the highest standards when it comes to progression through the grades, which is a Pass/Fail assessment. We are able to categorise our students grades with a Pass, Merit or Distinction, and most of our students are able to attain a Meritorious Pass and some achieving a Distinction.

Our mission statement is to ensure that each student is given the greatest opportunity to achieve ‘Black Belt’ (1st Dan), the ultimate accolade that Karate and the martial arts can bring, and then continue their learning to advance through the Black Belts to 4th Dan which is considered to be the equivalent of a ‘Masters Degree’ in the martial arts world. Statistically, only 1 in 10 ever makes it to black belt, we are striving tirelessly to prove those statistics wrong!

Come along and see for yourself if Shotokan Karate is for you, and for you to enjoy we offer the first 4 lessons or first two weeks FREE with no obligation to become a member. There are different training packages you can sign up for to suit your busy lifestyle. There are on average 16 sessions a month at various Venue Locations around Manchester, and the more you train the cheaper it is to train.

If you have any questions about our Club or Association Membership, then please feel free to come to any of our classes and ask an instructor, alternatively you can email or call us here.